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Lightning and surge protection

DKW Group offer design, site support and supervision services for earthing & lightning protection in accordance with the EN 62305. It is our ultimate goal to provide you with a  clear advice on how to protect your object and building best.

Risk Analysis

DKW carry out a profound risk analysis; We plan lightning and surge protection measures for your project including as-built data collection, tender specifications and material quotations.


At DKW Group we have set our goals to become the most sustainable company in producing and distributing lightning and surge protection components. A good example is: the new and innovative ECO PRODUCTS®, which are made from biobased materials.


Our partner BS-Technic has focused entirely on developing and producing the best systems.


Core values at DKW are integrity, common sense and customer focus. With our entrepreneurial and ambitious team we work closely together with our customers to make their projects successful. We are 100% committed to doing what is best for our customers.

Fast Delivery

DKW products are distributed all over Europe from our warehouse in the Netherlands. Our products are supplied within 48 hours, on your doorstep.